Where Are Your Shoes Made?

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Have you ever wondered where your shoes are made? Most people think that the highest quality shoes are all made in Italy. But, that is not the case. And, if you think that the cheapest, lowest quality shoes are made in China, we can tell you that isn’t the case either. For example, the popular, high-end Tory Burch shoes are actually made in China. Does that surprise you? You may also be surprised that many premiere shoes are made in countries like Austria, Israel, and Vietnam.

At Main and Taylor, when we shop for shoes to offer our clients our objective is always quality first. The brands we carry come from all over the world. So, we thought it would be interesting (and fun!) to highlight some of the brands we sell and give you information about where they are made. Get ready to go on an adventure around the world!

Now, let’s look at some of the awesome brands we carry at Main and Taylor and where they are made.

Countries That Manufacture Your Favorite Shoe Brands

Carly sneaker by Paul Green at Main & Taylor Shoes


Austria is the home of Paul Green shoes. This shoe is known for being both elegant and sporty at the same time. They value exquisite natural materials and superior craftsmanship. Paul Green shoes are made to last a lifetime and are of the highest quality and style. Take a look at our beautiful collection of Paul Green shoes.


The BeautiFeel shoe brand is made in Israel and has been around since 1989. This brand sets itself apart by focusing on a feminine design that has ample support and cushioning. Their niche is a combination of creative style with extreme comfort. The founder and CEO of BeautiFeel says the attributes that exemplify the company are creativity, love, femininity, and commitment to a high-quality product. And, you have to just love that! Here is our collection of the BeautiFeel shoe brand.


Of course, shoes made in Italy have historically been the creme de la creme. When you are shopping for the highest in quality, you must include Italian-made shoes. Some of the Italian brands we carry include Flexx, Brunate, Pas de Rouge, and P448.

Italian designers have always been in tune with classic design as well as innovation. For example, just by looking at the shoes, you could guess that the Flexx brand is made in Tuscany, Italy. These shoes have an elegant casual style that accommodates both the countryside and the city at the same time. Their sneakers, booties, loafers, espadrilles, and sandals have a classic silhouette and timeless design with top-quality construction. They are created for the active woman who wants style and comfort.

Bernardo boots Made in Brazil


Brazil is home to two of our treasured, high-quality brands at Main and Taylor--Bernardo and Ferri Sao Paulo. The Bernardo brand, with its luxury and style, is handcrafted using artisanal leathers and expert craftsmanship. Our fall 2020 collection includes slip-on sneakers, boots, sandals, and booties. 

Ferri Sao Paulo creates shoes with bold designs and unique details not found on any other shoe. For example, the 6141 heel has an artistically distinct heel that will set you apart from others wherever you wear them. If you are looking for an extraordinary shoe that gets attention for the best reasons, look at our Sao Paulo selection.

Sirena Navy Suede boots from Homer at Main & Taylor Shoes


Spain has always been known for its handmade leather products such as wallets, belts, jackets, coats, and their shoes are no exception. Our selection of the best in Spanish-made shoes includes Pedro Garcia, Coclico, and Homers

Pedro Garcia, in shoe-making since 1925, includes booties, sandals, and sneakers with the special flair that only the Spanish can create. If you want a shoe with a distinctive touch, look at the Saba Black with Churra shearling tongues or the Agora with python print leather. 

Coclico distinguishes itself with more traditional designs that look good season after season. This company produces their shoes in a small, historic factory in Spain with expert craftspeople making each pair by hand. 

Homers, having been in shoemaking for more than 40 years, incorporates tradition and inventive designs with a highly-detailed process resulting in a quality shoe that is extremely comfortable.


Some very upscale shoe lines are manufactured in China--Jeffrey Campbell, Tory Burch, and VANELI are just a few. Jeffrey Campbell is a small company based in Los Angeles (only 12 employees), that has manufacturing in China. This company’s lines are youthful and edgy, inspired by vintage, and fun. Think Lady Gaga type fashionistas when you think of Jeffrey Campbell!

Tory Burch Tory Loafer at Main & Taylor Shoes

And, who hasn’t heard of Tory Burch shoes? Even though this company was only founded in 2004 in NYC, it quickly became one of the most popular high-end footwear companies in the world. With a distinctly American aesthetic and a “global point of view,” Tory embraced manufacturing in China before anyone else. 

VANELI is a family-owned business in its 4th generation with a history that spans 100 years. Shoe-making is in their blood. The company is all about women’s comfort, confidence, and style. Their philosophy is that every woman deserves the perfect fit and comfort in every step, without sacrificing style. Their shoes are designed in Italy and produced in China. 


Japan is known for its unique, in the moment, fashion edge, and the shoe brand U.Dot (also seen as U-Dot) carries that reputation full steam. It is a fairly new line that began in 2012 with both men’s and women’s designer shoes of high quality. Their brand has shoes that are soft on your feet and drenched in comfort, but also with fashionable design.


Paris, France is the center of the fashion universe so it is a no-brainer that high-quality shoe brands would be manufactured there, with the Arche brand being a model. The Arche brand was established in 1968 in Paris with the philosophy of creating a shoe that is comfortable for walking, yet also stylish. Arche creates shoes, boots, and sandals that provide extreme comfort, are modern, have simple designs, and are timeless classics.

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We hope you have had fun learning about where in the world some of your favorite brands we offer are made. In this time of not traveling to other countries, come shop with us online or in one of our retail stores to see some of the best shoes made, all over the world!

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