Top 3 Fall Shoe Trends We Love

When the seasons change we start to focus on new items that are trending, and we found some that we love for this Fall. 

Chelsea boot with fall flowers

Finally, there is a chill in the morning and evening air here in North Carolina, and we are in heavenly bliss! It’s a great feeling when you know you survived another blistering hot summer and now you’re facing some turtleneck and leggings weather. When Fall arrives, we look forward to transitioning our closet. And, of course, it doesn’t need to be said that we’re all anticipating making some purchases in this season’s trends.

We are excited about our selection of great booties and boots for Fall 2020, and we think that you will be too! To get you started on your shopping adventures, we’re sharing the top 3 Fall shoe trends that we fell in love with as we were shopping for our fall inventory. Let’s break down these 3 trends and look at some selections you’ll find here at Main and Taylor.

1. Combat Boots

Ives Smoke combat boot

The combat boot style is known for its edgy, grunge aesthetic, but the Fall 2020 runway showed us how versatile this boot can be. Let us just say that the combat boot trend is about to blow up big time. The cooler weather combined with a pandemic that is keeping everyone closer to home and wearing lots of comfy clothes sets the stage for this trend as it is easily paired with jeans, leggings, or sweats. They are a good style choice to take you on into the colder, wetter weather that lies ahead. 

Whether you want an edgy look, stylishly refined or somewhere in between, you can find all of the choices that will make sure you are at the top of this trend at Main and Taylor. Take a look at the Ives Smoke boot’s hardware, which adds the influence of a Western boot. Set yourself apart from the herd with the Wilmette and its show-stopping fur accents.

2. Chelsea Boots

Sirena Navy Suede

The classic Chelsea boot is close-fitting and ankle-high. It typically has an elastic side panel and tab on the back for ease of pulling on. Chelsea boots originated in the U.K. and became very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, associated with the King’s Road which was a hotspot for groups like the Rolling Stones. King’s Road is in the Chelsea area, hence the name. 

The Chelsea boot is extremely versatile because you can wear it in a casual look with skinny jeans as well as a classic look with a tailored suit. Our Sirena Navy Suede boot is the quintessential Chelsea boot that goes with everything! For a less traditional option, the snake skin print and kitten heel on the Agora Chelsea boot make it easy to step out in style!

3. Hiker Boots

Marcel Caribou hiker boots

The hiker boot has come a long way from the old style that was just for a trek outside on a trail. The original hiking boot was durable, made for rough terrain, and was heavy and not necessarily made for comfort. But, the hiker boot for this season is just the opposite. 

This season’s hiker boots lace up and have a thick, chunky sole (and who doesn’t love a “chunky” boot?). You can style these boots a million different ways from jeans and leggings to a flowy dress or plaid skirt. Hiker boots come in all colors like the classic camel, khaki green, black, and white, to name a few. We absolutely fell in love with this trend for Fall 2020! 

You can’t get any more comfortable and stylish than the snuggly Marcel Caribou. Don’t you want to put these in your bed to keep you warm at night? The Dunn is another example of a hiker that is ready for street wear and expect to see them with the unexpected this Fall.  

If you want a “glam” look, you’ll find it with the Raynelle. This is a rugged style hiker boot with black rhinestones. How great is that? The Saunder Tobacco incorporates other styles like the combat boot and the motorcycle boot, so it can fit any of these categories, but we’ll still call it a hiker boot. The treatments--metallic rivets, studded tongue, and exposed zipper-- give it a definite edginess. 

Or, if you want a “cool” girl vibe, look at the Utano. It’s a beautiful, subdued hiker boot made of the softest Italian suede that looks great paired with jeans, leggings, or dresses and skirts.

We hope you’ve been inspired to find a combat, Chelsea, or hiker boots that goes with any transitional fall outfit! Don’t be afraid to pair all of these strong shoes with softer dresses and flowing skirts for the must-have look of the season.

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