Faux Fur Rocks!

Colorful faux fur Stand Studio handbags and jackets

When there is an autumn chill in the air, we can't help thinking about shoes & clothes made with fabrics that can keep you warm in the upcoming months. Faux fur should be at the top of your list!

Trending last year, this season is shaping up to be no different with faux fur's popularity growing even more. Main & Taylor is offering coats, boots, and handbags for fall 2020 in exciting styles that set you apart from the crowd. 

Though it is very warm, faux fur isn’t as heavy as the “old school” real fur jackets and coats. One of the best features of faux fur is that it comes in many colors, making it truly an accessory that is versatile for every style of outfit.

Faux fur can be tricky to style because it can both elevate a fancy outfit and fits in with casual looks. You may be wanting some ideas about styling faux fur with your wardrobe items like dresses, pants, and jeans. Because our clients at Main & Taylor are always staying on top of the trends, we wanted to give you some different ways to wear faux fur in Fall and Winter 2020.

Teddy Coats 

Faux fur coat by Stand Studio at Main & Taylor Shoes

Faux fur coats like the “teddy” are a great addition to your outerwear wardrobe essentials because you can literally wear teddy coats with everything from dressy to ultra casual. Best of all, these coats aren’t really 'trending'--they are here to stay as a staple for your winter wardrobe! 


The key to styling a teddy coat with classic pieces is to balance your look so you are put-together and not frumpy. Keep the pieces under the coat more streamlined.

For example, try pairing turtlenecks with mid-length skirts or with classic wool pants. A monochromatic outfit that either matches the coat or complements it is always a fashionable look. But, on the other hand, using opposite colors (like a black coat with white outfit or a white coat with a black outfit) is also a stylish way to pair a faux fur coat. Then finish the look with a great knee- or calf-height boot and a hat!


For a sexy, youthful look, try putting a shorter, oversized faux fur teddy coat over a fancy mini dress (maybe lace) and high heels. You can pair it with either open toed shoes or tall over-the-knee boots to incorporate high fashion. This is a really fun combination!


As we stated earlier, faux fur is perfect for a casual outfit. To achieve this look, pair garments that are in different categories--think fancy faux fur coat with boyfriend jeans. This works with both colorful or neutral teddy coat's to get your casual look.

Think about teaming a teddy coat or shorter, plush jacket with a light wash jean and a cowboy boot! Try different washes and styles of jeans to see what you like best with your particular coat. Any type of jean is good--whether it’s straight, wide-legged, skinny, or boyfriend. It just depends on what you want to combine it with.

A super fashionable way to pair a faux fur coat with your comfortable outfit is with a feminine faux fur coat and a boyfriend type of outfit. Just have fun with it!

Cozy House Shoes

Pillar Leopard faux fur house shoes by Dolce Vita

Cooler weather combined with working from home is the perfect excuse for wearing cozy house shoes pretty much all day! Warm and snuggly feet make you happy while having your Zoom calls. Main and Taylor has your feet covered with our comfy and fun faux fur house shoes!

If you're looking for open-toe furry slippers, check out the Pillar Black, Nude, or Leotard by Dolce Vita. For a slipper that encases your whole foot in warmth, look no further than the Tulip Bedroom Shoe by Ilse Jacobsen. Find the perfect faux fur house shoe to keep you warm and cozy this season. And, by the way, these make great gifts!


Lolita handbag in Brown

OK, so maybe you haven’t fully embraced the furry handbag trend yet. Well, we urge you to have an open mind revisit this trend. If you want something that adds the “warm and cozy” factor to your wardrobe besides a coat or vest, try a handbag. Very few accessories scream FUN like a furry bag!

Faux fur handbags can transform any outfit from mildly interesting to playfully coquettish. A colorful bag like the Lolita Red Raspberry or a funky checkerboard pattern are just the thing to add interest to your ensemble. Visit our shop to try them out. You just have to trust on this one!


Marcel Caribou faux fur boot by Gaimo

Faux fur boots are an essential accessory in the fall and winter. And, it doesn’t matter if it’s crazy cold, these boots are for fashion as well as for warmth! How about trying a fur-lined hiker boot with your jeans, like the Marcel Caribou by Gaimo, to incorporate some texture and coziness? Our Trekkers are super comfortable and jazzy. Cascade Waterproof Suede boots by Flexx are just the thing when the temperatures are plunging and the sky is looking like snow!

Come Shop With Us!

This season, Main & Taylor is offering faux fur coats and handbags from one of the premier lines in the world, Stand Studio. This is an exclusive line that is found in selected premium stores throughout Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, and the U.S. If you’re looking for a faux fur coat, faux fur boot, or faux fur handbag, come shop with us either in our Raleigh and Greensboro retail locations or view our beautiful pieces from the comfort of your home with our online shop. We know you will find something cozy to keep you warm and fashionable all winter!

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